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The time of just shopping online is now in the past, Lightning Innovators introduce you to the future of online shopping with Lightning Lister.

Simply do your shopping without needing to touch you computer at all with our state of the art Innova A.I. Systems. Having the ability to simply say what you want provides an easier and more enjoyable shopping experience.

Why go to the mall, when your friends can join you at lightning lister. Start a “Shopping Party”  and simply engage with friends via video chat or IM. You and your friends can both browse the same products at the same time or guide certain friends to those products you love. Providing lightning deals with enjoyment, the future of online shopping has arrived and it’s Lightning Lister.

Sellers can list products at Lightning speeds using our IOC feature. Products can be sent to direct auction or listed as buy it now so you customers can purchase your product that much faster. With low commissions, Lightning Lister is the best solution to your new online marketplace.

Innova A.I. Systems 

robot-507811_640Currently, if you do any online shopping now you may go to a popular marketplace and search for that product by typing and clicking your way through the steps to purchase. With Lightning Lister, you can simply say what you are looking for or ask for gift ideas or other things such as products in your local area. Innova AI functions with our state of the art Cloud based Advanced Voice Recognition and Organic Language Engine (OLE) providing users with the best results with improvements every time. Integrating Innova’s OLE and AVR  systems  not only provides self-learning technology, but also users with the most realistic experience possible. Innova also acts like a visual assistant informing you of any messages, and other notifications upon login to Lightning Lister that may need your attention. The only requirements for Innova AI to work is a microphone (built in or external) and speakers to hear what she has to say. Taking a step further and bringing the same technology to mobile devices provides the perfect mobile shopping experience. This feature is 100% free to all registered users and can be turned off at any time if needed in account settings. Guest on Lightning Lister will not have access to this feature but is welcome to register for a free account with Lightning Lister to take advance of Innova AI systems.

Lets say we wanted to find a tablet in a certain price range, all you have to do is login to your Lightning Lister account and simply say “Innova..new tablets below $300.00” Innova’s will redirect your page where you will see  products within your search criteria, in this example Innova will ping all tablets within $300.00 and less since we provided Innova with a maximum budget of $300. Going a step further telling Innova filters such as color and size of products will narrow your search. Innova is available in every part of your purchasing process except when you Pay via Paypal. Innova is automatically set off in account settings but can be activated at any time and is offered to everyone for Free.

At this time Innova AI Systems is not integrated into Seller Portal at this time only Customer Accounts have Innova AI systems integrated.


Group Shopping

We all know the weekend usually means going off to the mall with your friends and have a great time shopping and spending time with some great company. What if you could bring your friends shopping with you online? Introducing gwoman-1594711_960_720roup shopping, having the ability to host a “Shopping Party” provides one user to launch a session where friends can connect via invite only. Users will have the ability to Video Chat, Instant Message, even browse same products as other members of your party does or take them to see those products you wish to show off.

Group shopping isn’t just aimed towards friends and family, business group shopping is another way users can use this group shopping feature with Lightning Lister. Grab that last minute company gift with fellow co-workers. Simply share product ideas with another or take the group with you to so you know you are all on the right page. We even went the extra step to provide split payments via Group Shopping with Lightning Lister.


Seller Integration (I.O.C.)

Customers are great, so we have provided everything that your business needs to be up in no time. Companies already selling on popular marketplaces such as Amazon™, or Ebay™ can use the “Import On Command” or IOC feature, allowing the import of products from other marketplaces without needing CSV files. All other companies need a CSV file, we just need a simple login. With an average import time of 5,000 products per minute grabbing titles, descriptions, images, pricing, current stock amount, sale price if present, etc. Companies no longer have to worry about CSV product formatting to import or export products.CSV imports and Exports are still available to sellers.

In addition, each seller is provided with a fully customizable storefront and is equipped with nifty seller tools via Lightning Lister’s Seller Portal.

  • Custom Branding + Sub Header
  • Multiple Shop Templates
  • Messaging System to Email
  • Low Commissions Rates
  • Price Comparison & Live Stock Management
  • Trend Buys: Stay up to date on top items customers purchase
  • Much More…

When a customer purchases an item and is happy with the service that was received a 5 star review is usually left to that seller. This classic feature is an all time favorite to your customers to show how reputable your company is and ultimatly the final selling tool your customers use before purchasing something for the first time.

At this time we have agreed using Paypal as our Gateway payment system is the best solution since most users are already familular with Paypal from other online shopping marketplaces. Payouts are scheduled every two weeks, Direct Bank Transfers are available and any fees can be taken off the top if vendor has accepted to use this way of seller payment plans.

Lightning Lister’s Sellers Plans will be posted in the next couple weeks.



Community Enphoto-1442504028989-ab58b5f29a4agagement 

Lightning Lister will be considered a C.B.M. (Community Based Marketplace) meaning the community can engage with developers and various staff members on anything within Lightning Lister. By the community being a major part of Lightning Lister people can voice their minds on various aspects of Lightning Lister. Tell us if you love certain features or tell us how you hate them so we can make improvements or get rid of them completely. We come close to make your online shopping experience perfect, let us know how we can improve anything to make your experience that much better on Lightning Lister.

Have a great idea for an addition to Lightning Lister? Contact us and if your idea is used we will provide you with store credit or another form of payment to use on anything listed on Lightning Lister.

Everyone has questions and we have answers. With Lightning Lister’s Q&A , anyone can post a question and we will answer. If someone already asked your question you can find your answer in no time. Found a question that you know the answer to? Provide your answer to the question another user has asked and if your answer is chosen you will be rewarded community points that will build a reputation within the community portal, the higher your community points the more reputation you will receive as a seller on Lightning Lister.


Lightning Lister’s Official Launch

Currently, Lightning Lister is finishing in the development stage, but will be open to authorized sellers December 10th, 2017. This provides sellers to upload products, configure custom storefronts, and adjusted to various things within Lightning Lister. The official launch to the public is January 1st, 2017  at 12:00 AM EST, a great way to begin the new year. On December 15th, 2016 we will release our Grand Opening Deals so anyone can take advance of them once we launch.

All of us here at Lightning Innovators is excited to bring this new experience to everyone. Stay tuned for our Halloween promotional video coming soon for Lightning Lister.


Grand Opening January 1st, 2017

Seller Registration Open Now

Authorized Sellers Access to Lightning Lister on September 20th, 2016

Email: Sellersupport@lightninglister.com to apply to become a seller on LightningLister.com